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Ebook Publishing Resources

Ebook Publishing Trusted Resources

Take your expertise and publish it into an ebook.  The nice thing about this is that you can get paid on it time and time again…forever!  The following are the ebook publishing resources that I trust and recommend.

Ebooks The Smart Way by Pat Flynn – Pat Flynn is one of the internet’s top “go to’s” for how to build online passive income.  He wrote a book called “Ebooks The Smart Way” which I highly recommend. It’s a free download at no cost to you!  Great resource and how to guide on writing your first or 100th ebook.




Kindle Money Mastery – Kindle Money Mastery is simply a tool that I’ve used to begin writing ebooks.  Now i’m no expert yet in writing ebooks, but I will say this source helped me organize my thoughts and processes to write a well organized book with great content.  Definitely worth looking at.


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