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Affiliate Marketing Resources

Affiliate Marketing Trusted Resources

One of the top ways that bloggers and website owners monetize their websites is through affiliate marketing.  Below is a list of affiliate marketing resources that I trust and recommend.

Wealthy Affiliate – My first introduction to affiliate marketing was with the Amazon Affiliate program.  I set up an account but had no idea how to do the rest.  Wealthy Affiliate gives you step by step instructions on how to get going with affiliate marketing.  They teach you everything from deciding on a niche, to how to get traffic to your site, and how to optimize the links you insert into your blog.  Highly recommended for the beginner or even the expert!



Amazon Affiliate – The Amazon Affiliate program is probably the most lucrative of all the affiliate programs out there.  Of all the millions of products that are sold on amazon, they will pay you if you refer traffic to any product that results in a sale! Pretty awesome!  I know people who start up a website just listing their favorite products on Amazon, and without even trying make an extra $50 per month! Easy-peezy! – Like Amazon Affiliate, ClickBank is an affiliate website where virtually any business can go and list their digital products or information products in hopes that affiliates like you and I will send them traffic.   They are simply the middle man between the company’s product and the affiliate marketer to send commissions to.  Another great resource for affiliate marketing. – Similar to ClickBank but smaller.  They may have access to products and companies that others may not, still a great resource for affiliate marketing.



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