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Email Marketing

Fantastic starting point!  Email marketing can be one of the most passive ways of earning money when done right.  Here’s how to get started making passive income with email marketing…

How To Make Money Online With Email Marketing

Email marketing is a stream of passive income that can be done with or without a website.  Having said that, if you currently do have a website, online business, or any small business in general, YOU NEED to be actively engaged in an email marketing process.

Why?  Because this is a way to make extra money with very little process management, and an easy way to keep your customers and audience engaged with your business.

What you need to get started with email marketing

There are a few things needed to get started to make money online with email marketing.  Here they are:

  • A niche/topic
  • A campaign name
  • Branded email address
  • Series of pre-written emails (minimum of 10 for each campaign)
  • An opt-in form
  • A free offer to get people to subscribe
  • A place to put the opt in forms such as a landing page or website

How do you make money email marketing?

You can make a lot of money email marketing in a very similar way that you make money from affiliate marketing.  In fact, it’s no different, other than providing affiliate links within your emails.

By simply choosing a recommended product in a given niche or topic, you then create a basic landing page to direct traffic to.  As customers land on your landing page, they will be offered an awesome free product/service/content that will entice them to input their email address.

You will have a pre-written set of emails that will sequentially send to your subscribers, teaching them about a specific topic, and ultimately gaining their trust.

As your sequence of emails progresses, you then begin inserting affiliate links to recommended products within your niche and get paid a commission when your audience buys that product!

The best place to get started with email marketing

There are multiple places to start building an email sequence, but when all is said and done, you want something that is simple, easy to use, and yet customizable.

ConvertKit is the best email marketing service that I trust and recommend for anyone wanting to make money email marketing.

The Best Place To Start Your Email Marketing Business


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