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Welcome!  I’m glad you stopped by.  My name is Cameron, creator of  I’m a passionate entrepreneur at heart and have learned all my knowledge and ideas through personal trial and error and extensive study of passive income.  My objective is to help you find new ways to automate the growth of your net worth.  After all, everyone likes a little extra cash right?

Here you will learn how to generate wealth through creating small businesses, investments, financial strategies, and ultimately creating passive income that makes money for you (even while you’re sleeping)!

Having said that,  its not just about money.  I believe in the givers gain.  The more I give, the more I learn, grow and receive.  I personally started out on my journey to building passive income streams with a desire to grow my financial well being with hopes of that allowing me to 1) Provide support and as much opportunity for my family and posterity 2) have the ability to give of my time and resources wherever it is needed 3) help people learn and grow.

Despite your reason for wanting to build wealth, I think you’ll find some ideas, tools and resources that you will find helpful.  And don’t forget to join the community email and get new tips and tricks of the trade.

All else aside, I sincerely hope all is well with you and your family.  Have a look around!

My Story

Years ago, my career began in the finance and banking industry.   It was there I gained an appreciation for the finance and investments industry, and saw the potential to make a lot of money.  But there was just something about working day in and day out from 9am – 5pm that frustrated me.  I knew my pay was never going to increase until the next guy above me retired, got fired, or split.  And I knew that wouldn’t happen for a while.

I kept thinking and asking myself, “does it have to take this long to get to a six figure income at least?!  There has to be a better way!!”  I knew that no matter how hard I worked, my progress towards my desire for financial freedom was totally dependent on someone else’s decision, despite my success and competency.

In college i’d ask my parents these questions, and their answers were always the same.  “That’s just how it is.”  They would often get angry with me or frustrated with me not always listening to their advice, after all they were born and taught that you should “go to school, get a good education, so you can get a good job.”  I just didn’t like that idea and the time it would take to get there!

In my first couple years in the finance industry, I was working full time going to college.  It was then I realized the power of passive income, and generating money on the side with little to no effort.  I began learning about real estate through occasional visits to the book store and reading up on wealth and financial freedom.  I made the decision to buy a house and rent out the other rooms to my buddies.  Why not? I made decent money for a college student, and hey, their rent would cover my mortgage payment and then some!

Of course my parents advice suggested that they were a little hesitant, thinking it was too risky for a young college student.  However, the numbers made sense to me, so I did it.  I bought the house, lived in it for 3-4 years, rented it out to my friends while they paid down my mortgage for me!  I soon moved out, got married, and sold it when the market was hot.  After only a few years and not much work, my net gain was around $35k.  Not bad for little work!

It was then that I began my extensive self study and research on how to create passive income and generate wealth exponentially.  It was then that I also began reading up on investments and compound interest, and how the wealthiest people in the world created their nest. Real Estate is just one example of how passive income can be created, and here you will learn many more.

Hi, my name is Cameron and i’m the author and creator of Money Minutes.  Through personal experience and extensive study, I have learned the ins and outs of creating passive income, generating wealth, and doing so with little to no work on my part!  I don’t claim to say any of my ideas are “get rich quick” strategies, as most of those are scams anyways. But I do know that if you follow my advice, you WILL generate passive income to exponentially increase your net worth and live a happy life.

My sole purpose for wanting to make a lot of money isn’t to simply be wealthy, but more so to have the ability to create opportunities for my family, and give back to and help as many people as I can.  Life shouldn’t just be about working to live.  It should be about doing what you most love, being with those you love, and learning and exploring the world around you while helping and sharing your knowledge with others!  Often times the stresses a 9-5 job and the pressures of your boss will cloud the reasons we are here, and numb us to the great things going on around us.

Despite what your reason is for wanting to create wealth through passive income streams and other financial strategies, I can PROMISE you that you will gain great insights and ideas to help you reach your desired net worth.  Welcome to Money Minutes, take a look around, post your thoughts, and don’t forget to sign up for our weekly newsletter! Enjoy!


I do my best to live my life in gratitude.  Since I have been given much, I want to show as many people as I can what I know.  Through my financial success I am committed to helping as many people as I can through giving of my time, money and resources to those in need.  I sincerely hope I can be of help to many of you!


The purpose of Money Minutes, is to give people a different perspective than what the may have learned or heard.  With the innovating economy and progress in technology, things just aren’t the same they used to be when it comes to making money.  It is my goal to provide insite and education on basic money and financial concepts, while also show some ideas and hopefully spark some innovative tactics that you can build on, and hey…who knows…maybe you will change the world building off of an idea mentioned here!

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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